Featured Artist

Featured artist is Michigan native Cashmere Morley. Cashmere has been a freelance designer since 2014, and has designed everything from t-shirts, invitations, business cards, banners and flyers to mobile ad campaigns and museum exhibitions. Her work has been featured in national campaigns as well as statewide and local. She even built this site! 

Her clothing company Grave Dance Designs has been around since 2017, and has catered to fashionable punks ever since. Her featured merch can be found under the "featured artist" tag. Follow her on Instagram @Cashmakesart for more updates!

And, we’re always on the look-out for talented artist merchandise to feature throughout the year! Shoot us visual samples of your work by signing up on our Home Page form. You can join our #GDC group and upload your work on our Facebook page too. Always good feedback when you share with all our #GDC community! Thanks for being a part of our growing #GCA community!